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Like Old Friends


Arielle Lee #180, Los Angeles, 2002

Arielle Lee, October 2002
(Camera: Casio QV-4000)

I feel like the new film scanner is bringing me back in touch with photos that I took years ago. It’s like becoming reacquainted with old friends.It has even inspired me to revisit some of my digital photos, like this one, from 2002.This one was an experiment with empty space in the photo. I’m not sure how successful it is, but I do like the lighting and I like the look on her face.

For this I used the Casio QV-4000 camera, which was my first digital camera. It was a really nice 4MP point & shoot with some pretty advanced features, like an f2.0 Canon lens and a sync socket for external flash!! Try to find either of those on a point & shoot digital these days. This was lit with a couple of White Lightning strobes in shoot-through umbrellas.

By the way, I have started hosting my photos on flickr.