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Some notes from my first film scanning experience

Just a couple notes from my first experiences with the film scanner:

Scanning slides was much easier than scanning negatives. Partly because my negatives are more dusty & scratchy than my slides, but also because I found it more difficult to line up the negatives on the negative feeder.

I spent about 20 minutes removing dust from the color photo of Julie in Photoshop. Not fun.

Not surprisingly, color scans look better than black & white scans. I need more practice with b&w before I really feel comfortable with it.

I have to refigure my workflow now. I can probably adapt part of my digital workflow, but I have to think about naming conventions. For digital, my files are named along the lines of [Description]-[Year]-[Month]-[Camera]-[Sequence]-[Version], but for film, I probably need to add roll# and frame# in there somewhere.

I am definitely more excited about shooting some film now.