Photography and whatever

Your photostream has been viewed 473 times.

Since finally getting Flickr to open up my photos to the public, my photo stream has been viewed a whopping 473 times.

And this photo I posted just last night has already been viewed 261 times. Surprisingly no one has commented on it, though.

Despite my beef with Flickr and their stupid NIPSA policy, I really like Flickr, particularly its community features, which I think are what set it apart from Zooomr. I have pretty much settled the internal Flickr / Zooomr debate I’ve had with myself over the last couple of months, and I think Flickr is the winner. Zooomr Mark III will have to be a real masterpiece and their community will have to grow a lot more to change my mind.

While I’m on the topic of Flickr: I gave my permission to a fellow user to make a drawing from one of my photos. He posted a draft of it a few days later, and I’m really impressed. It’s exactly this sort of community that I want. I’ll make another, more detailed post about it shortly.