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FYI, JPG Magazine thinks pubic hair is genitalia

I got this in an email from JPG Magazine today (emphasis mine):

Michael —

Thanks for participating in JPG, but your photo, “Shadow Play,” had to be removed from the site. Some of the most frequent reasons for removal are:

* Inappropriate content. We’re okay with artful nudes, but no genitalia.

Please be sure to read the photo guidelines before uploading again.

Note that once a photo has been deleted from the site, it’s gone. It cannot be reviewed again.

Please don’t take this personally – it’s not! We just want to keep the JPG site focused on the kind of photography that we print in JPG Magazine. Try again with a different photo!


— Paul, JPG Editor

ps – Do not upload the same photo again.

WTF? Genitalia?

Here is the photo they removed:

Shadow Play
(View on Flickr)

OK, yeah, the pubic hair is clearly visible. Is that genitalia? Well, I don’t think so, obviously. I’ve read JPG’s posting guidelines. I thought about it before I posted this photo. But I remember thinking to myself, “Um, self, this surely isn’t what they mean by genitalia. Is it?”

Well, yes, apparently it is.

I don’t want to go on too much of a rant here. I like JPG Magazine, and they have the right to publish whatever they think is fit. But maybe genitalia isn’t the right word to use in their posting guidelines. C’mon, there must be a million better, less subjective words they could use.

So anyway, dear readers, what do you think? Is pubic hair genitalia or not?