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Benjamin Charles Hocter, born Nov. 14, 2011

Our second son, Ben, was born on Nov. 14. He weighed 8 lbs. 2 oz., and he was 20″ long. He’s a beautiful, healthy little boy. Becoming a father for the second time is just as amazing as it was the first time.

Here he is at nine days old, sleeping as usual.

Ben, Nine Days Old

Happy Father’s Day! (And an Announcement)

Boy Hocter 2.0

Hocter, Boy 2.0

Two years ago, on Father’s Day 2009, I introduced you to my son Sam, who was a fetus at the time. He’s now a happy and healthy 19-month-old. He’s the joy of my life, and the frequent subject of my photography and star of my blog.

It’s only fitting that I take this opportunity, on Father’s Day 2011, to introduce you to my second son! Like Sam, he will be born in November, and I’m sure he will be every bit as awesome. He will undoubtedly be the subject of many, many, many of my photographs.

So here he is, in his first photograph, which I didn’t take but I’m all too happy to steal and share with you. Just like Sam, he’s a little bit camera shy in utero. :)

Fight the team across the field…

Fight the team across the field

Fight the team across the field…, Jan. 2010
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Go Buckeyes!

Video: Ready for a walk?

Heather gets a big smile from Sam when she asks if he’s ready to go for a walk around the neighborhood in the stroller:

Video: Sam Smiles

Sam has learned how to smile on demand now. :)

Santa’s Little Helper

Sam’s 1st Christmas, 2009
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Zonked Out

Introductions Are In Order

Since today is Father’s Day, I think it’s an excellent time for me to make an announcement. My wife and I are expecting a baby boy in November!

Internet, this is my son. Son, the Internet.

Baby Hocter at 14 Weeks
Baby Hocter at 14 Weeks

Baby Hocter at 14 Weeks
Baby Hocter at 12 Weeks

Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers and fathers-to-be out there!