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Undiscovered Gem

Sometimes I like to go back through my image archives in search of undiscovered gems (Adobe Lightroom is great for this, btw)…


Martina Warren #25, Los Angeles, 2002

Martina Warren, 2002

Martina Warren, Red Wall, White Boots

To make up for all of the non-nude content I’ve posted lately, here’s a shot of Martina Warren from a shoot we did in 2002.


Martina Warren #73, Los Angeles, 2002

Martina Warren, Red Wall, White Boots
San Pedro, CA, April 2002

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Negative Scan vs. Print Scan

Once again I was playing with my film scanner. After scanning a particular negative, I realized that I had previously scanned the print on my flatbed scanner, and I thought it would be interesting to compare them.

So here are the two different scans:

Print Scan Negative Scan

The one on the left was scanned with a MicroTek ScanMaker 4900 flatbed scanner. It was scanned a long time ago, so I don’t remember the particulars other than that.

The one on the right was scanned with a Minolta DiMAGE Scan Dual IV film scanner. 3200 dpi, 16 bits. I had to quite a bit of dust cleanup on it, and I reduced its size to roughly the same as the print scan.

I didn’t do a particular great job of scanning on either one of them, but which do you think looks better? Any preference?