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Have you ever wondered about the differences in these?

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Well, I did. I’m working on a site, and I wondered if there was any common preference. Maybe it’s just my unhealthy love of useless minutia, but I found this discussion very interesting. At the old Joel on Software forum, of course, because where else would you expect to find it?

Undiscovered Gem

Sometimes I like to go back through my image archives in search of undiscovered gems (Adobe Lightroom is great for this, btw)…


Martina Warren #25, Los Angeles, 2002

Martina Warren, 2002

Arielle, 2003


Arielle Lee #112, Los Angeles, 2003

Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton

It only took Brian seconds to guess what this was. :)

Martina Warren, Red Wall, White Boots

To make up for all of the non-nude content I’ve posted lately, here’s a shot of Martina Warren from a shoot we did in 2002.


Martina Warren #73, Los Angeles, 2002

Martina Warren, Red Wall, White Boots
San Pedro, CA, April 2002

(Purchase a print of this photo | View this photo on Flickr | See more photos of Martina Warren)

Memorial Day Sculptures

Every year around Memorial Day weekend, Heather and I travel to the Bay Area to visit our friends Kathryn and Brian and celebrate Brian’s birthday. Usually the highlight of our trip is a highly contested round of Trivial Pursuit, men vs. women, traditionally dominated by the men. This year, for a change of pace or perhaps just to give the women a chance, we got a couple of new games to play: Cranium and Pop5.

If you’re familiar with the games, you know that part of the fun is the making of play dough sculptures. If you’re not familiar, well… now you know. :)

Without further ado, here are some of our sculpture masterpieces from last weekend, presented without much judgment as to their artistic or aesthetic merits. No cracks about my shitty photographic skills either. :)

Turtle by Michael (Cranium)

The headless turtle scuplture

Rocking Chair by Heather (Cranium)

Rocking chair or chair ski?

Frying Pan by Kathryn (Cranium)

An excellent frying pan sculpture

California Raisins (???) by Heather (Pop5)

Um, California Raisins? Huh?

Hacky Sack by Brian (Pop5)

Hacky Sack

The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers by Heather (Pop5)

The rings, ok, but are those towers?

Cheers by Brian (Pop5)

Where's Norm?

Etch A Sketch by Brian (Pop5)

Etch A Sketch

and my personal favorite… Forrest Gump by Michael (Pop5)

Forrest Gump

The men still dominated, by the way. :)