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Ford F-100 Trailer Special

F-100 Trailer Special

F-100 Trailer Special

We’re in San Luis Obispo

Tahoe Joe's, San Luis Obispo (Day 7/365)

Tahoe Joe's, San Luis Obispo

Desk Toys

The crap on my desk at the office (Day 3/365)

My most loyal reader requested some Dwight pics, but I thought I’d go one better and show you even more of the crap on my desk. That’s a photo of my wife (which I took), a porn-surfing Smurf being abducted by Gargamel, a petrified Nautilus shell, a Tiki from Hawaii, a pyramid of some sort from my boss’s trip to Mexico, some Play-Doh, and of course, Dwight Schrute! Weird, isn’t it? I used to have some Nautilus shells made out of Play-Doh as well, but I got rid of them when they became as petrified as the real one and started to crack.

Descanso Gardens Waterfall (Long Exposure)

Descanso Gardens Waterfall (Long Exposure)

I’ve always loved long exposures of moving water, but I’ve never really tried it myself. But yesterday I was out with the new camera, and there was a waterfall, so why not. I set the 5D down on a rock next to the waterfall, set the timer, and took this without looking. I’m not crazy about the fence in the background, but I love the creamy looking water.

Canon EOS 5D, Canon EF 28-70/2.8L
35mm, 1 second, f22

Studio City Farmer’s Market


Carrots at the Studio City Farmer's Market


Organic Cucumbers at the Studio City Farmer's Market

Update: Both of these photos can be licensed for usage through the Getty Images website.

OMG, Killer Snails?!?!?!

OMG, Killer Snails?!?!?!

A sign at the Studio City Farmer’s Market, where by the way, you can puchase cleaner from Ed Begley, Jr., himself.

What kind of stuff is going on at Descanso?

What kind of stuff is going on at Descanso?

Another from Descanso Gardens


Descanso Gardens Train Tracks

Descanso Gardens Train Tracks

Descanso Gardens Train Tracks

Technical Info:
Canon EOS 5D, Canon EF 28-70/2.8L
28mm, 1 second, f22, ISO 100

Another one of Arielle from 2003


Arielle Lee, Los Angeles, 2003

I wish my digital black & white looked as good as my film work. I’m playing with LightZone, and the Zone Mapper tool is awesome once you figure it out, especially for black & white. So maybe one day I’ll be able to get such nice tones from my digital black & white.

Canon 5D is officially awesome

I know you’ve been waiting breathlessly for my first published Canon 5D photos. Well, wait no longer, my friend, because here it is. Marvel at my impressive photographer skills.

Gargamel and Azrael Sneak Up On Smurf While He Enjoys Flickr (Or Is He Surfing For Porn?)

Click on the image and check out the larger sizes. This is ISO 640, folks. Am I just blind with love for my new 5D, or is there relatively very little noise to be seen? Love it, love it, love it.

By the way, these guys live on my desk at work, along with my beloved Dwight Schrute bobble head. Gargamel, as usual, is up to no good. Azrael, ever the flunky, plays right along, ignorant of the inevitable consequences of her evil. This photo was snapped right before Dwight came in and kicked Gargamel’s ass with some amazing Schrute Fu. (Hey, it was Friday.)

Suzana Striped

Heather urged me to post more photos from my shoot with Suzana, so here’s another.

Your photostream has been viewed 473 times.

Since finally getting Flickr to open up my photos to the public, my photo stream has been viewed a whopping 473 times.

And this photo I posted just last night has already been viewed 261 times. Surprisingly no one has commented on it, though.

Despite my beef with Flickr and their stupid NIPSA policy, I really like Flickr, particularly its community features, which I think are what set it apart from Zooomr. I have pretty much settled the internal Flickr / Zooomr debate I’ve had with myself over the last couple of months, and I think Flickr is the winner. Zooomr Mark III will have to be a real masterpiece and their community will have to grow a lot more to change my mind.

While I’m on the topic of Flickr: I gave my permission to a fellow user to make a drawing from one of my photos. He posted a draft of it a few days later, and I’m really impressed. It’s exactly this sort of community that I want. I’ll make another, more detailed post about it shortly.

Spring time is the time for love

Spring time is the time for love

I tried to come up with a clever little poem for this, but the rhymes were just too obvious.

Get your photos in a museum

Found this over on the State of the Art blog at Pop Photo:

I’m too old to qualify, but maybe some of you younguns out there will be interested.

Colorful beach toys (Santa Monica Pier)

Santa Monica-2006-10-10D-017