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Fotolog acquired

This is old news by now, but photo-sharing site Fotolog, especially popular in Latin America, has been acquired by Hi-Media Group for a reported $90 million.

More info at:

So much for that idea

So much for taking the Contax 159MM out for a spin. The shutter appears to be stuck, so I’ll have to take it in for repairs.

I’ve loaded up the Nikon FG instead.

Nikon FG

Shadow Play

Liz Ashley, July 2007

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The FSLR is dead, long live the FSLR

Contax 159MM

While writing yesterday’s post about the new DSLRs from Canon and Nikon, I started thinking about the DSLR label. Digital SLR. Why do we even bother with the “D” anymore? Digital has won. Sure, there are still a few film SLRs being manufactured, but they are largely ignored, at least in the 35mm world. They are the odd balls. They should be FSLRs.

So starting right now, on this blog, digital SLRs shall be known as SLRs and film SLRs as FSLRs.

I’m going to take my Contax 159MM, one of my favorite FSLRs of all time, and a roll of film out for a spin. I’ll post some pics in a couple weeks after the film is developed. Long live the FSLR!

Now go out and shoot.

New cameras galore

If you were living under a rock this week, or if you were too busy watching your net worth plummet on Google Finance, you might have missed the new camera announcements.

Canon announced two new DSLRs and a new compact:

Nikon followed shortly thereafter, announcing two new DSLRs of their own:

Good stuff. Did I mention that the EOS 1Ds Mark III 21MP?!? Canon finally made a medium format camera.

Canon EOS 1Ds Mark III

And welcome to full-frame, Nikon users! Nikon’s entry into the full-frame market should be exciting news for Nikon and Canon fans because the competition will lead to lower-priced full-frame DSLRs in the near future.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, I’m not going to buy any of them. I wouldn’t even if my net worth hadn’t dropped like 50% the last couple weeks. I won’t need more than my 5D for a long, long time. If I were going to buy one, it would probably be the G9.

Another of the beautiful Liz Ashley

Liz Ashley-20070717-5D-131

Liz Ashley #131, July 2007

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Halter Ranch Vineyard, Paso Robles, California

Halter Ranch Vineyard, Paso Robles, July 2007
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