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The FSLR is dead, long live the FSLR

Contax 159MM

While writing yesterday’s post about the new DSLRs from Canon and Nikon, I started thinking about the DSLR label. Digital SLR. Why do we even bother with the “D” anymore? Digital has won. Sure, there are still a few film SLRs being manufactured, but they are largely ignored, at least in the 35mm world. They are the odd balls. They should be FSLRs.

So starting right now, on this blog, digital SLRs shall be known as SLRs and film SLRs as FSLRs.

I’m going to take my Contax 159MM, one of my favorite FSLRs of all time, and a roll of film out for a spin. I’ll post some pics in a couple weeks after the film is developed. Long live the FSLR!

Now go out and shoot.